City of chicago business licenses

You may request a business license application in person between the hours of a. You may also apply for a business license online by visiting the City of Chicago website. Online application is reserved for those that are opening a retail business.

You are encouraged to set up an appointment with a business consultant before you begin the application process.

city of chicago business licenses

You can make an appointment online. It is quite likely that you will need to apply for other licenses or permits beyond your Chicago business license. When you apply for your business license, it may be reviewed by other entities, such as the Zoning Department, the Police Department, the Fire Department, and other agencies. In addition, you will need to have a business information sheet which is available online at the City of Chicago website. This information sheet is used as a pre-application for a business license.

It requests information that is equivalent to what you may find on a business license including information such as your business ownership type owned solely, part of a legal entity, or corporationinformation about you as the business owner including your legal name, social security number, date of birth and all contact information.

This information should be provided for all additional owners, managers, vice presidents, shareholders, and secretaries of your business, as well as the president. You should include a detailed description of your business activities, whether you sell goods at your location and whether you have wholesale, retail, or a combination of both and the percentage of each.

The name and all contact information of your primary business contact should be included. Information regarding your business location such as the square footage, the physical address and street number, and all phone numbers should be given. Be sure to include your IBT and FEIN, the incorporation date of your business if applicablethe state of Illinois file for corporations, LLCs, and non-profitsand if it applies, your Illinois exemption information.

All of this information should be complete and accurate when you turn in your pre-application prior to applying for your business license. When you have completed it, you will need to return it with the above mentioned documentation to the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection at North LaSalle Street, in room If you have questions, they can be reached via telephone at You may also want to visit www.

There has never been a better time to get a degree. Even top Universities across the U. Business degrees are the perfect stepping stone for building a career, increasing earning potential, and ultimately growing your business. Find out how to improve your knowledge and increase your earning potential by getting an online business degree. This site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, financial or tax advise.

The information on this site should not be relied upon as an official source of information and should be independently verified. Search by State To find more information about a business license in your state choose the state below.

Disclaimer: This site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, financial or tax advise. Do You Like This Content? All Rights Reserved. North Dakota. South Carolina. New Hampshire.Posted by Louis Greenebaum. Large or small, if you're operating a business in Chicago, you'll most often need to acquire a City of Chicago business license.

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Although there are exceptions, the following are some of the professions that are issued State of Illinois licenses by the IDFPR and do not require Chicago licensing:. Notable exception : If someone is operating a hair salon in Chicago and is licensed through the IDFPR, and they sell hair product as part of their business, that person must acquire a City business license as they are selling a product in Chicago.

If one will be doing business as a legal business entity - regardless of whether or not the company is Illinois-based - it is also required to file with the Illinois Secretary of State. The change in fee structure is expected to sunset on June 30,and all new qualifying licenses will be issued at the reduced rate.

Most business licenses are valid for two years, and may require zoning review, site inspections, and a criminal background check. Penalties for not maintaining a Chicago business license can include a fine or a closure order issued to the business owner.

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Further, per Chapter 4 of the Municipal Codeunlicensed businesses are the liability of the property owner and fines will escalate with each subsequent violation. Both the business owner and the property owner are liable for unlicensed business practices, making it imperative that property owners ensure their tenants are licensed with the City.

There are over 60, active business licenses in the City of Chicago, and 21, of those licensees maintain a Limited Business License. These include:. The recent fee adjustments are designed to make limited business licenses more accessible, allowing more individuals and entities to operated businesses within the city.

city of chicago business licenses

These licenses grant holders the ability to either "pop up" their business in various locations throughout Chicago for the duration of the license, or for hosts to allow pop-up businesses as tenants in their spaces.

We'll be covering the details of the Pop Up Initiative and how to acquire these licenses in an upcoming post. Should you require help with licensing your business in the City of Chicago, we're experienced with discrete permits throughout the city - please don't hesitate to contact us.

Who Needs a Chicago Business License? What's the cost of a limited business license? What are the penalties for running an unlicensed business in Chicago?

How many business licenses are in the City of Chicago? These include: licensed Mobile Food Trucks licensed Commercial Parking Garages licensed Public Place of Amusement venues 3, liquor licenses that allow consumption on premises 11, licensed retail food establishments The recent fee adjustments are designed to make limited business licenses more accessible, allowing more individuals and entities to operated businesses within the city.

Nov 30, AM. Nov 16, PM.Most businesses are required to hold business licenses from the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois. Appointments can also be scheduled online.

Chicago Business License Guide

The type of business license required by the City of Chicago depends on the business activity. Below is a brief description of common licenses within the 43rd Ward. For a complete list of licenses, you can visit the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection website.

Please note that in some cases, you will need more than one type of license. This includes home day care and day care provided in commercial spaces. This license allows a business to board, train and provide day care services for animals.

It also allows the grooming, buying and selling of cats and dogs. A license is required for anyone who is self-employed or operates a business from their home. This license, however, is not required for people who work from home or for an employer who maintains a separate place of business. There are particular occupations that the city prohibits from being operated in residences. Click here for regulations regarding home occupations. This license is required to serve or sell food to the public.

This will apply to bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants and delivery food services. These licenses are required for any business that serves or sells alcoholic beverages. The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection is charged with overseeing the application process and issuing licenses.

Please contact the SBC if you believe your proposed business may be in one of these areas.

city of chicago business licenses

The application process for liquor licensing includes a public comment process. Alderman Smith cannot approve or deny a liquor license. However, she does strongly recommend that anyone seeking a liquor license reaches out to the neighborhood group in which the proposed business is located.Please call ahead or visit any department's website to get additional details, or visit chicago. This includes the following locations:. LaSalle St. Ogden Ave.

Business Licenses

Pershing Ave. BACP will continue processing business license applications and renewals, where applicable, online or over the phone. Please visit www. Learn more about how to use Chicago Business Direct.

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Please allow for extra time as BACP staff are working hard to keep City services going under this disruption. The Small Business Center SBC issues business licenses and regulates the business activities of industries as diverse as retail, food and liquor establishments, entertainment venues and theaters, day care centers, manufacturing facilities and motor vehicle repair shops just to name a few.

If you have not already registered your business with the appropriate county, state, and federal officesplease do so before applying for a business license. Appointments are recommended for in-person license applicants and may be made by calling GOBIZ Application Requirements Standard application requirements and documentation may be found in our License Application Requirements Information page.

License-specific requirements may be found by clicking on the business activity links in the Business License Guide below. Depending on your business activities, you may need more than one business license in order to be able to operate your business in Chicago.

Business Licenses

Please contact us, at GOBIZto help you determine which license s you need to obtain. Business License Exemptions There are business activities regulated by the State of Illinois that may be exempt from City licensing. Toggle navigation. My Future. Supporting Information Facts.

Additional Information. SBC Home. Starting Your Business. Running Your Business. Neighborhood Resources. Workshop Calendar. Financial Resources.

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Find A Location. Schedule An Appointment. Sign Up for Our Newsletter. Chicago Municipal Code. Search Businesses. BACP Home. Contact Us. I Want To. Apply For. Check Status Of.Please call ahead or visit any department's website to get additional details, or visit chicago. Adult Use Affidavit. Financial Disclosure Form. Heliport Indemnification Agreement. Homeowners Association Affidavit. Individual History Form.

Local Contact Person Affidavit. Manager's Statement. Package Goods Affidavit. Spousal Affidavit. Tobacco License Affidavit. Toggle navigation. My Future. Business License Forms. Financial Disclosure Form Used to document the source of all money invested or spent to fund a new establishment, expand an existing establishment, or buy an existing business, when the business holds one of the following licenses: Liquor, Amusement, Hotel, Massage Establishment, or Day Care.

Heliport Indemnification Agreement This affidavit is required for all Heliport business license applications. Homeowners Association Affidavit This affidavit is required for all Vacation Rental business license applications. Individual History Form For any individual undergoing a background check in relation to a City of Chicago business license.

Local Contact Person Affidavit This affidavit is required for business license applications which require a local contact person i. Manager's Statement For any application to add a manager to a site with an active or pending license that requires fingerprint review. Package Goods Affidavit For every new application for a Package Goods liquor license in a zone where package goods liquor sales are permitted only as an accessory use i. Tobacco License Affidavit This affidavit is required for all business license applicants with business activities that include the sale of tobacco products.

Supporting Information Facts.Under a plan unanimously endorsed by the License Committee, every business license and public vehicle license that has expired or is set to expire between March 15,and June 15,will remain active until July 15, Those expiration dates have been extended three times already during the pandemic, according to Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Commissioner Rosa Escareno. It also will save them thousands of dollars in the coming months. Brian Hopkins 2nd said the coronavirus stimulus bill currently being negotiated in Washington, D.

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Chicago School Closings.

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He may do well with another calm, small dog. The city also will suspend all late fees for expired business licenses through the end of Dwain Williams During Carjacking Attempt.All the information that is in this pane, and more, is now on Primer, in a more consumable and user friendly format.

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You can also edit metadata from this page. Business licenses issued by the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection in the City of Chicago from to the present. Therefore, when downloading the file, select CSV from the Export menu. Data fields requiring description are detailed below. All renewal records are created with a term start date and term expiration date. It means the business moved. Only a few license types may file this type of application.

It means the business location expanded. To identify the owner of a business, you will need the account number or legal name, which may be obtained from this Business Licenses dataset. Time Period: January 1, to present. Frequency: Data is updated daily. You have unsaved data that will be lost if you leave this page. Please choose whether or not you wish to save this view before you leave; or choose Cancel to return to the page.

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You may Update this view or Save a new view to see your changes, or Cancel to stay on this page. Skip to main content Skip to footer links. Based on Business License. Close grid sidebar. This information is now on Primer All the information that is in this pane, and more, is now on Primer, in a more consumable and user friendly format. Take me there! MV created Feb 20 updated Dec 16 Activity Community Rating Current value: 0 out of 5.

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